Teaching and Educator License Information

This site provides information concerning active teaching and educator licenses only, as issued by the Virginia Board of Education.Licenses that are inactive (expired), pending action, or on hold are not included in this query.Local licenses also are not included.

The name of the licenses on this page is Thomas Edward Long, it's Highest Degree is Master's Degree as Reported, and the License Type is Division Superintendent License, it will be expired from the beginning of 06/30/2018, for more information please see the table below.

NameThomas Edward Long
Highest Degree ReportedMaster's Degree
License TypeDivision Superintendent License
Expiration Date06/30/2018

* The "Highest Degree Reported" denotes the highest degree reported to the Division of Teacher Education and Licensure for this individual. Please note that individuals may have an advanced degree (master's or doctorate), and the degree has not been reported to the Division of Teacher Education and Licensure.